Monday, December 15, 2008

MM - P4 JAIN getting a tan.

Been a while as usual. I am chemically imbalanced so gimme a break, my attention span is nil at best.

I like EXOHEAD Man Machines except for that not clear Skull Rex but I still need it to be complete on regular releases, Ill never have the lottery ones so I will try to forget they exist.

Monday, September 8, 2008


If you dont like it dont read it!

Coming soon, TSUCHINOKO by M1号. Three colorways are for sure coming out, got confirmation in the mailer from them the other day. So if you like M1号 quality and UMA you have to get these. OH yeah, ther Jet Jaguar that they are releasing soon is pretty nice too, it looks just like the orignial giant size Bullmark from the 70's but it is standard size, comes bagged and with a header just like the original too! And another Guilala, this time grey vinyl for you space chicken fans if you want it.

M1号 is up to some shennanigans.

I got the M1号 letter in the mail last week and its looks like my wallet is going to take a huge dent soon, well, not my wallet as I dont have the cash anyway. I will definitley be thinning down the collection in the next couple weeks though. I dont know the exact details but it involves everyones favorite money eating kaiju which is quite ironic in this case. The letter only alludes to what I think it might be but I have a hunch I know whats going on. The real info is supposed to be arriving soon, hopefully my fantasy will be coming true and my wifes worst nightmare will be realized.


What can I say, there is enough hype going around so nothing would make a difference anyway. I am just glad there are so many versions coming soon that you wont be able to spit without hitting one. So dont freak out and spend $150 for 1 Space Trooper on Ebay.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


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Nice update, 5 minutes after the original post. So, M1号 had the three color samples of the Tsuchinoko at Wonder Festival last weekend, they will retail for about $50 each and I think come in a box. I was hot and tired so I dont remember how these will be released. :( Anyway, I want them all!!!!!!!!!!!! Ooops, there is something written about August 2nd on that paper so I might be in trouble.

TSUCHINOKO by M1号!?!?!

What What What??? So M1号 will be releasing 3 colorways of a japanese UMA, the mysterious jumping snakelike creature called the Tsuchinoko. I dont know why but I have always wanted to collect toys of this little monster and I love snakes and its pretty freaky. Now with M1号 making a figure I guess I will be starting. Thats Ok, my wife likes the idea too. If you dont know what a Tsuchinoko is here is some info, . No one ever seems to mention that it looks like a Gaboon Viper but I guess I only bring it up because I am a snake nerd, I wanted to be a herpetologist when I was growing up, and no it doesnt mean the study of herpes. I have seen a zillion different variations of the Tsuchinoko's body patterns as no one has any real documentation of it existing so its anyones guess what it really looks like. Here is a Gaboon viper link too for an idea of what it might really look like,, enjoy!!!

You like how I am all pretentious using the kanji 号 instead of writing out GO or better yet GOU like it would be if you are gonna write it correctly in english? Haha, I am a halfassed guy so I will probably use all three anyway anytime I am writing. :)

Anyway, Tsuchinoko drawing and below a Gaboon Viper (Yeah, it doesnt look exactly the same but its close).

Friday, August 1, 2008

I love my wife!

Thanks to my wonderful wife and her putting up with my toy addiction I will soon be getting 1 each of the new SPACE TROOPERS from Toygraph. I am too happy right now, I would be happier but I didn't get paid today so I won't have any money for Wonder Fest this weekend . Maybe no new US Toys for me. :(

Monday, July 28, 2008


What can I say that has not been said already? Nothing so I will just rehash what you probably already know, for all 2 of you that read this blog that is. I would write something about Pushead too but I am sure a million people already have. And I dont have any intesting pictures. :(

So, USUGROW went to SDCC for the first time. Looks like he was signing with The PUS and MIKE SUTFIN at PUSHEAD'S SKELETAL CARNIVAL 3. I wasnt there so I dont know for sure. I am just writing this cause I am very happy that USUGROW is getting the recognition he well deserves. Hopefully he will be making regular trips each year for SDCC and I hope one of these times I can make it too. The SKELETAL CARNIVAL looked like a lot of fun and jeeze, I think I would have had a fuckin heart attack if I could see in that HP case for myself. That Rebel Ink Pushead painted looks amazing, I see people have been talking about it being produced but I just cant imagine it being done, if so it will not be cheap. But I would buy one as I know many others would too if we had the chance. Anyway, I was sent a couple picts of the Rebel Ink USUGROW had at SDCC and here they are.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

More SPACE TROOPERS than you can shake a stick at.

Well, maybe a small stick. Anyway, from reading the boards and seeing the price one went for on Ebay I am not surprised that there are plans to release many different versions from different places in the near future. I can think of 3 at the moment but I think there are more. And to make it more interesting than just paint changes there will be head and arm changes too! Now if he can make more than just 50 each time so people can get them, yeah it will be a little easier than the 30 made on the first run but I think most people are still gonna get reamed on the after market. I know this is dreaming, its his hobby and not his job and to make 100 or more each run would be a pain in the ass. If he could farm some out to others that paint well that would be good too depending on who he chooses, and it would mean more for us toy geeks. I just hope I can end up with a little army someday. So here is a pict too of one of the versions to be released soon, sorry TOYGRAPH, I borrowed the pict, I'll give it back later!

Ha, I gave it back! But I borrowed another, thanks TOYGRAPH!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Matango Sample 5

Matango Sample 5
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The elusive Unnon x M1号 Matango. Here is an even more elusive sample that was done for the Toho Horror x Unnon event in Ebisu almost two years ago now, this is actually one of five. This was an event put on by a friend that featured art and clothes inspired by what else, Toho Horror films. But the only thing I actually bought was the Matango, the shirts were a little pricey and I wasn't into the posters that were availabe. It was a small show, the space typical in japan about 10 x 20 feet and minimal to say the least but a great concept. I ordered a few Matangos and when I asked on the last day if they were sold out I got a "nope". Pretty funny considering how many people want this now. This piece I think kinda helped start the Matango craze that's infected people now, lucky for me I have had the disease for a while. The M1号 scuplt has been a favorite of mine for many years, now if I can just get that Nagoya Mandarake version.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

US TOYS Giant Eleking

US TOYS Giant Eleking
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Another awesome figure from US TOYS, the guy that makes these does a great job painting them. Always a joy to get any new US TOYS stuff. If you like Eleking I totally recommend this toy if you can afford it, the $300 retail is a little steep but well worth it! And it looks great next to the Giant Kanegons that US TOYS did earlier too!!!

The backing card is pretty cool too. Like the Giant Kanegon there is no header card, just a huge drawstring vinyl bag with the card inside.

Friday, July 18, 2008

M1 Items for World Character Convention!

Hey All, some new M1Go!!!! Giant size Godman and a killer Guilala standard size figure! I hear a rumor that the Guilala movie enemy monster will ba made later. Hope I can get it!!!

1. This is in the same scale as the Giant Size Bullmark Jet Jaguar!!

2. GUILALA 11 inch figure.

3. 1/2 Scale Ultraman Face Wall Plaque (Bronze color, vinyl material).

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Purple Trinity.

The Purple Trinity.
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I was stoked on RH when I first saw them a few years ago at the Gargamel shop and I still really like the Evil, its just one of the best designs to me no matter how many people say they are getting tired. The Head and Evil are a great combo and these purples are some of the best, I am just glad I was able to get them, it took me 3 years to get the white spray one!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

US TOYS at World Character Convention

Ok, the wonderful world of US TOYS is expanding at the next World Character Convention with 2 sweet new mini monsters, Guilala and King Joe!!

There will be 3 colorways of the Guilala and I think these will be a little more expensive than usual, the eqivalent of about $25.

Plus a couple awesome King Joes, black and old school!!!

Space Troopers Update!

Two collaborations coming up! I hope to fuck I can get at least 1!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Toygraph again.

Did I mention I want the Space Troopers?

Toygraph Space Troopers

Hahahahahahaha!!!! Fuck!!! These are the raddest toys I have seen in a long time, its soooooo old time SF Pulp and Major Matt Mason that I really want a shitload of these!!! But come on, only 30 made??? Typical of japanese vinyl makers though making the short amount. I cant blame him, you never know if people are gonna buy a toy that they know nothing about and the cost of making toys here is not cheap. Maybe with these selling out so fast he will make 31 next time. I guess I will troll YJA and Ebay for some ass hat's auction with a $300 BIN so I can dream cause I totally missed these last night as I wasnt home, was out getting loaded with the wife and her mom! Maybe I will trade some RH for them???
Now that I have complained I should talk about the toys. From the gist of the blog he got the idea from exactly that, some old pulp mags from the '40s. That's a great idea, those old mags are full of killer images and the covers are insanely amazing. I used to have a bunch but lost them somewhere in moving over the last 17 years. :( Maybe they got stolen when I lived in Hayes valley that time I was moving and a complete set of Mad Balls went missing too, love livin in the ghetto! Oh yeah, I was back there last year and its full of hipsters and lame shits now. No more hookers in sweater dresses chasing johns and screaming "where my money!!!" at 3 in the morning anymore. Bummer. Oops, got sidetracked. Looks like 3 versions were made, not sure if you got a set or they were random, need to have the wife read the blog and get a better idea. Anyway, if more are made I would really like to get a few.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ichibanboshi Limited Galtan by Zollmen (Update)

Did you know there was two versions on the Ichibanboshi Galtan released? Yes there was, but just a handful of them were made. Dont think any even showed up on YJA from what I have heard.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Kewpie vs. Marusan

Hot off the presses! Not really, old news to some, but I think a very small amount of some to honest. Talking to a very reliable source for all things concerning japanese vinyl toys and ephemera I was told that the original Marusan kaiju, specifically Gomess and Pegila have thier body shapes thanks to the little angel called Kewpie. Its funny because I was looking at Kewpies recently and had an idea to do something with them, now I know why, I was subconsiously getting kaiju waves transmitted into my feeble mind. So next time you look at your sofubi thank that lady who created Kewpie a 100 years ago or so, her name escapes me.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ultra Fest '07

You know.
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More non-toy talk. I just put up some pictures from last years Ultra Fest on my Flickr, 40 year anniversary for Ultra 7 that ruled except for my camera crapping on me and losing all the toy picture data. So, you will get to see a bunch of props and suits which is still pretty damn cool.


I am getting tired of having the same name all the time and as this blog is nothing but me messin' around I am gonna screw with it every now and then. By the way, I am moving now and it's hotter than hell here. Do yourself a favor and if you think of coming to Japan during the summer......... don't, you will regret it.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Destodons at Monstock

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If you are reading this you probably saw it on SB already. Anyway, I went to Monstock last week and he has released a shitload of colorways for the large size Destodon, and the new colors are great. I like his recent color choices alot, especially the pink with the orange highlights which I think will be some sort of lottery release. I dont think he is making a bunch of them.

Also spoke about doing an exclusive with as an unyet able to mention shop. So, maybe a non-Mostock release in the near future? Maybe, have to wait and see what happens. These figures are not cheap so it could be difficult to get an exclusive done. Almost $90 retail.

Oh yeah, the minis are usually only given away so thats gonna make things alot more difficult for completists!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Eye Scream GID Garamon

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Insane! I found this by accident while searching for the 55cm version of the Garamon that came out a while back but was too broke to get it. Hopefully I can get this but I need to figure out if the pre-order has finished yet. I will be one bitter bastard if thats the case!

Ichibanboshi Limited Galtan by Zollmen

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I am trying to slow down with buying pachi stuff but this is a pretty cool toy. I like the mini versions that Exohead has been making but everyone of them has been a pain in the ass to get or a super pain in the ass. Went to the shop and saw it in person today, its purple vinyl with clear sprays, plus the head looks likes it has been coated with silver paint on the inside, this always has a nice effect and on this figure its no different. A great toy I am hoping to add to the too big pile I already have.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I'm back......kinda.


Got a little bummed on sharing a little while ago as it seemed like the toy world I love so much is going in the shitter. I think it still is but what the hell, I want to keep a PMA and some people love them like I do still and I want to keep doing this so whatever. Here are some picts of what I think is the best toy this year, YAMATON! Half battleship Yamato and half shark? Looks like half of Gabadon B Type and a ship too. Anyway, pretty awesome.

Oh Yeah, he's a sweet, gentle kinda kaiju as you can see.