Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ichibanboshi Limited Galtan by Zollmen (Update)

Did you know there was two versions on the Ichibanboshi Galtan released? Yes there was, but just a handful of them were made. Dont think any even showed up on YJA from what I have heard.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Kewpie vs. Marusan

Hot off the presses! Not really, old news to some, but I think a very small amount of some to honest. Talking to a very reliable source for all things concerning japanese vinyl toys and ephemera I was told that the original Marusan kaiju, specifically Gomess and Pegila have thier body shapes thanks to the little angel called Kewpie. Its funny because I was looking at Kewpies recently and had an idea to do something with them, now I know why, I was subconsiously getting kaiju waves transmitted into my feeble mind. So next time you look at your sofubi thank that lady who created Kewpie a 100 years ago or so, her name escapes me.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ultra Fest '07

You know.
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More non-toy talk. I just put up some pictures from last years Ultra Fest on my Flickr, 40 year anniversary for Ultra 7 that ruled except for my camera crapping on me and losing all the toy picture data. So, you will get to see a bunch of props and suits which is still pretty damn cool.


I am getting tired of having the same name all the time and as this blog is nothing but me messin' around I am gonna screw with it every now and then. By the way, I am moving now and it's hotter than hell here. Do yourself a favor and if you think of coming to Japan during the summer......... don't, you will regret it.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Destodons at Monstock

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If you are reading this you probably saw it on SB already. Anyway, I went to Monstock last week and he has released a shitload of colorways for the large size Destodon, and the new colors are great. I like his recent color choices alot, especially the pink with the orange highlights which I think will be some sort of lottery release. I dont think he is making a bunch of them.

Also spoke about doing an exclusive with as an unyet able to mention shop. So, maybe a non-Mostock release in the near future? Maybe, have to wait and see what happens. These figures are not cheap so it could be difficult to get an exclusive done. Almost $90 retail.

Oh yeah, the minis are usually only given away so thats gonna make things alot more difficult for completists!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Eye Scream GID Garamon

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Insane! I found this by accident while searching for the 55cm version of the Garamon that came out a while back but was too broke to get it. Hopefully I can get this but I need to figure out if the pre-order has finished yet. I will be one bitter bastard if thats the case!

Ichibanboshi Limited Galtan by Zollmen

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I am trying to slow down with buying pachi stuff but this is a pretty cool toy. I like the mini versions that Exohead has been making but everyone of them has been a pain in the ass to get or a super pain in the ass. Went to the shop and saw it in person today, its purple vinyl with clear sprays, plus the head looks likes it has been coated with silver paint on the inside, this always has a nice effect and on this figure its no different. A great toy I am hoping to add to the too big pile I already have.