Thursday, August 7, 2008


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Nice update, 5 minutes after the original post. So, M1号 had the three color samples of the Tsuchinoko at Wonder Festival last weekend, they will retail for about $50 each and I think come in a box. I was hot and tired so I dont remember how these will be released. :( Anyway, I want them all!!!!!!!!!!!! Ooops, there is something written about August 2nd on that paper so I might be in trouble.

TSUCHINOKO by M1号!?!?!

What What What??? So M1号 will be releasing 3 colorways of a japanese UMA, the mysterious jumping snakelike creature called the Tsuchinoko. I dont know why but I have always wanted to collect toys of this little monster and I love snakes and its pretty freaky. Now with M1号 making a figure I guess I will be starting. Thats Ok, my wife likes the idea too. If you dont know what a Tsuchinoko is here is some info, . No one ever seems to mention that it looks like a Gaboon Viper but I guess I only bring it up because I am a snake nerd, I wanted to be a herpetologist when I was growing up, and no it doesnt mean the study of herpes. I have seen a zillion different variations of the Tsuchinoko's body patterns as no one has any real documentation of it existing so its anyones guess what it really looks like. Here is a Gaboon viper link too for an idea of what it might really look like,, enjoy!!!

You like how I am all pretentious using the kanji 号 instead of writing out GO or better yet GOU like it would be if you are gonna write it correctly in english? Haha, I am a halfassed guy so I will probably use all three anyway anytime I am writing. :)

Anyway, Tsuchinoko drawing and below a Gaboon Viper (Yeah, it doesnt look exactly the same but its close).

Friday, August 1, 2008

I love my wife!

Thanks to my wonderful wife and her putting up with my toy addiction I will soon be getting 1 each of the new SPACE TROOPERS from Toygraph. I am too happy right now, I would be happier but I didn't get paid today so I won't have any money for Wonder Fest this weekend . Maybe no new US Toys for me. :(