Monday, September 8, 2008


If you dont like it dont read it!

Coming soon, TSUCHINOKO by M1号. Three colorways are for sure coming out, got confirmation in the mailer from them the other day. So if you like M1号 quality and UMA you have to get these. OH yeah, ther Jet Jaguar that they are releasing soon is pretty nice too, it looks just like the orignial giant size Bullmark from the 70's but it is standard size, comes bagged and with a header just like the original too! And another Guilala, this time grey vinyl for you space chicken fans if you want it.

M1号 is up to some shennanigans.

I got the M1号 letter in the mail last week and its looks like my wallet is going to take a huge dent soon, well, not my wallet as I dont have the cash anyway. I will definitley be thinning down the collection in the next couple weeks though. I dont know the exact details but it involves everyones favorite money eating kaiju which is quite ironic in this case. The letter only alludes to what I think it might be but I have a hunch I know whats going on. The real info is supposed to be arriving soon, hopefully my fantasy will be coming true and my wifes worst nightmare will be realized.


What can I say, there is enough hype going around so nothing would make a difference anyway. I am just glad there are so many versions coming soon that you wont be able to spit without hitting one. So dont freak out and spend $150 for 1 Space Trooper on Ebay.