Sunday, January 18, 2009

Butanohana and some monkeys.

Chibura-kun characters
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If you like quirkey and cute you will love Butanohana figures.

Friday, January 16, 2009


Here is the Taigan from the event, I couldnt resist putting up a picture as this is gorgeous, Yuji from M1号 did the color choices for it and its a winner as usual.

Beams x M1号 Woo

Beams x M1号 Woo
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A little late but if you love M1号 you need to pick-up these Beams x M1号 collaboration releases last month for the Tokyo CulturArt shop opening in Harajuku, I think I spelled that wrong. 5 different M1号 figures and a Yamanaya Taigan were released and all of them beautiful. More to be offered later in different colors. Can't wait.

UPDATE: My cat ate my Woo!!!!! Oh well, he is getting love by more than just me.

Monday, December 15, 2008

MM - P4 JAIN getting a tan.

Been a while as usual. I am chemically imbalanced so gimme a break, my attention span is nil at best.

I like EXOHEAD Man Machines except for that not clear Skull Rex but I still need it to be complete on regular releases, Ill never have the lottery ones so I will try to forget they exist.

Monday, September 8, 2008


If you dont like it dont read it!

Coming soon, TSUCHINOKO by M1号. Three colorways are for sure coming out, got confirmation in the mailer from them the other day. So if you like M1号 quality and UMA you have to get these. OH yeah, ther Jet Jaguar that they are releasing soon is pretty nice too, it looks just like the orignial giant size Bullmark from the 70's but it is standard size, comes bagged and with a header just like the original too! And another Guilala, this time grey vinyl for you space chicken fans if you want it.

M1号 is up to some shennanigans.

I got the M1号 letter in the mail last week and its looks like my wallet is going to take a huge dent soon, well, not my wallet as I dont have the cash anyway. I will definitley be thinning down the collection in the next couple weeks though. I dont know the exact details but it involves everyones favorite money eating kaiju which is quite ironic in this case. The letter only alludes to what I think it might be but I have a hunch I know whats going on. The real info is supposed to be arriving soon, hopefully my fantasy will be coming true and my wifes worst nightmare will be realized.


What can I say, there is enough hype going around so nothing would make a difference anyway. I am just glad there are so many versions coming soon that you wont be able to spit without hitting one. So dont freak out and spend $150 for 1 Space Trooper on Ebay.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


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Nice update, 5 minutes after the original post. So, M1号 had the three color samples of the Tsuchinoko at Wonder Festival last weekend, they will retail for about $50 each and I think come in a box. I was hot and tired so I dont remember how these will be released. :( Anyway, I want them all!!!!!!!!!!!! Ooops, there is something written about August 2nd on that paper so I might be in trouble.

TSUCHINOKO by M1号!?!?!

What What What??? So M1号 will be releasing 3 colorways of a japanese UMA, the mysterious jumping snakelike creature called the Tsuchinoko. I dont know why but I have always wanted to collect toys of this little monster and I love snakes and its pretty freaky. Now with M1号 making a figure I guess I will be starting. Thats Ok, my wife likes the idea too. If you dont know what a Tsuchinoko is here is some info, . No one ever seems to mention that it looks like a Gaboon Viper but I guess I only bring it up because I am a snake nerd, I wanted to be a herpetologist when I was growing up, and no it doesnt mean the study of herpes. I have seen a zillion different variations of the Tsuchinoko's body patterns as no one has any real documentation of it existing so its anyones guess what it really looks like. Here is a Gaboon viper link too for an idea of what it might really look like,, enjoy!!!

You like how I am all pretentious using the kanji 号 instead of writing out GO or better yet GOU like it would be if you are gonna write it correctly in english? Haha, I am a halfassed guy so I will probably use all three anyway anytime I am writing. :)

Anyway, Tsuchinoko drawing and below a Gaboon Viper (Yeah, it doesnt look exactly the same but its close).

Friday, August 1, 2008

I love my wife!

Thanks to my wonderful wife and her putting up with my toy addiction I will soon be getting 1 each of the new SPACE TROOPERS from Toygraph. I am too happy right now, I would be happier but I didn't get paid today so I won't have any money for Wonder Fest this weekend . Maybe no new US Toys for me. :(