Sunday, June 29, 2008

Toygraph again.

Did I mention I want the Space Troopers?

Toygraph Space Troopers

Hahahahahahaha!!!! Fuck!!! These are the raddest toys I have seen in a long time, its soooooo old time SF Pulp and Major Matt Mason that I really want a shitload of these!!! But come on, only 30 made??? Typical of japanese vinyl makers though making the short amount. I cant blame him, you never know if people are gonna buy a toy that they know nothing about and the cost of making toys here is not cheap. Maybe with these selling out so fast he will make 31 next time. I guess I will troll YJA and Ebay for some ass hat's auction with a $300 BIN so I can dream cause I totally missed these last night as I wasnt home, was out getting loaded with the wife and her mom! Maybe I will trade some RH for them???
Now that I have complained I should talk about the toys. From the gist of the blog he got the idea from exactly that, some old pulp mags from the '40s. That's a great idea, those old mags are full of killer images and the covers are insanely amazing. I used to have a bunch but lost them somewhere in moving over the last 17 years. :( Maybe they got stolen when I lived in Hayes valley that time I was moving and a complete set of Mad Balls went missing too, love livin in the ghetto! Oh yeah, I was back there last year and its full of hipsters and lame shits now. No more hookers in sweater dresses chasing johns and screaming "where my money!!!" at 3 in the morning anymore. Bummer. Oops, got sidetracked. Looks like 3 versions were made, not sure if you got a set or they were random, need to have the wife read the blog and get a better idea. Anyway, if more are made I would really like to get a few.